Hot Water Services

DID YOU KNOW in a typical household heating hot water accounts for 25% of the entire energy cost and 23% of greenhouse gas emissions.

If your hot water service is not working efficiently, it will be costing you money!

PP supplies and installs Gas, Solar, Electric, Heat Pump, Instantaneous and Storage style hot water systems across Sydney.

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Water Safety

Q. Could hot water from your taps scald?

In most cases, the answer is yes. To prevent accidents in your home, have a
licensed plumber install a Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) to ensure safe water temperatures.

This is an important safety feature for the home and a legal requirement in
commercial/public buildings such as:

  • Early childhood centres
  • Primary and Secondary schools
  • Hospitals and Nursing homes

Remember, it is always important to ensure you use an experienced plumber, fully trained to comply with current Australian standards.

Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention devices ensure contaminated sources do not enter the water supply. These should be tested every 12 months, so contact our team of licensed plumbers to install and service these devices.


After having had a horrible experience in which my toddler slid under the hot tap in the bath; I realised the importance of having safe water temperatures throughout our home. The process was very quick and easy, with Paul installing the safety valve to the hot water heater in under 2 hours. A small price to pay for peace of mind!

Alexandra Rolph, Summer Hill


One of the best ways to reduce your energy bills is to reduce hot water use by installing water saving devices to showerheads and taps – This simple installation saves energy and water